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Our long term vision

JR Rix & Sons | Our Vision

JR Rix & Sons has been a family owned business for over 140 years. We started out as ship owners all those years ago but today it is only a small part of what we do. Through providing our customers and suppliers with a consistently honest and friendly service we have been able to build loyal relationships that have seen us develop our company into the diverse, multi-functioning organisation we are today.

Today the JR Rix & Sons group of companies continues to invest in our staff, supply chain, communities we operate in and stakeholders to ensure we evolve with the ever-changing environments we operate in.

Our Business Activities Include:

  • Fuel Distribution
  • Marine Fuel Bunkering 
  • Stevedoring
  • Warehousing
  • Ship Operators
  • Leisure Home Manufacturing
  • Property Development
  • Motor Retailing

Focused on the future!

We look forward to working with new partners across our different industries and expanding our business into other markets throughout the UK. Whilst doing so, we will continue to keep our high levels of customer service and care at the forefront of any new projects. At JR Rix & Sons we are proud of our heritage and we are firmly focused on the future.