Envirostore 2500 EVB Bunded Oil Tank

The 2500 EVB offers ample storage capacity, suitable for domestic and light commercial installations.

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Available in Bottom Outlet and Top Outlet versions, the advanced bunded tank from Envirstore is rotationally molded from premium grade, oil resistant medium density polyethylene. Ideal for home heating oil storage, it's an environmentally preferred option in heating oil tanks due to its 'tank within a tank' design.

The Envirostore 2500 EVB Bunded Oil Tank is supplied with the following features:

  • Integral Pipework
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Fillstop Device


 The Envirostore 2500 EVB Bunded Oil Tank has the following specification:

Brimful 2690 litres
Nominal 2555 litres
Length 1625mm
Width 1625mm
Height 1625mm
Footprint 1625mm x 1625mm