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Protect your oil boiler by servicing your heating oil storage tank regularly. It is very likely that at some point your heating oil tank will be found to contain water. The cause of this is usually condensation that occurs naturally due to the temperature differences between the inside and outside of the tank, just like when your house or car windows can get steamed up in the winter. Rainwater could also enter the tank if it develops a fault in the openings or seals, or rust or cracks in the body.

Having your tank inspected regularly is essential to control the condensation in your tank and to help to diagnose other potential problems. These routine checks should be carried out just the same as you would service your car or boiler.

During your tank check we will also treat your tank with Rix Anti-Bug, an additive used to kill and inhibit microbiological growth that could cause damage to your system. We will also replace worn sight tubing or install a contents gauge so that your tank’s fill level remains clear preventing costly run-outs or overfills.

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Why Service Your Tank?

Regularly servicing your heating oil storage tank is more important than you might think, here’s why:

  • Protect The Environment
  • Protect Your Heating System
  • Protect Your Property
  • Remove Water
  • Prevent System Damage
  • Avoid Costly Repairs
  • Peace of Mind

*Only available in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and East Coast of Scotland.


  Standard Premium
Tank Health Check £89 + VAT £149 + VAT


What's included...

  • Check condition of tank
  • Dip for presence of water
  • Remove water
  • Fit water absorbing tank dryer
  • Treat with Rix Anti-Bug
  • Replace sight tubing on gauge (if fitted)
  • Fit electronic contents gauge (included on premium service only)

Take Care of Your Heating Oil Storage Tank

Poor upkeep of your oil tank can inevitably lead to issues with your heating system, your property, and the environment. It is always better to prevent the worst from happening rather than dealing with it afterward.

Heating services engineer at a domestic heating installation

Look after your Heating System

Over time, it’s not uncommon for water to build-up inside your heating oil storage tank. Openings may develop on the external of your tank allowing rainwater to enter, or condensation may build-up when temperatures change. Water in your heating oil storage tank can be detrimental to the performance of your heating oil system and, in some cases, may lead to a complete breakdown. If water is present in your heating oil tank, it could freeze up when temperatures drop resulting in blocked pipework which could cause severe damage or loss of heat when you need it most.

Bunded heating oil tank protecting the domestic heating oil property

Protect the Environment and your Property

Cracks in your tank can lead to heating oil being exposed to the surrounding area. Oil is extremely toxic to the environment and wildlife and can be very hazardous to your property. It can cause serious pollution to surface or underground waters as well as soft and hard ground. It can destroy living organisms in your garden as well as brickwork and building foundations. The tank health check performed by our engineers will thoroughly check your tank for leaks, giving you peace of mind that it is operating safely.

OFTEC registered heating engineers

OFTEC Registered Business

Our technicians are local, fully qualified, and OFTEC registered. All work carried out by our maintenance team is of the highest standard. During the service, our engineers will check the condition of the oil storage tank, locate and remove water, treat with anti-bug, and service contents gauge. Using an OFTEC registered engineer is the best way to ensure your tank operates efficiently and safely following their visit.

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Rix heating services engineer

Dedicated Team

The heating services maintenance division is made up of talented OFTEC qualified technicians and experienced support staff who are ready and waiting to assist you - whether you require a full service from our engineers or simply want some advice, our team are more than happy to help.

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