Oil-Fired Aga Cooker Servicing from Rix Heating Services

Aga cooker servicing from Rix Heating Services is a professional service that ensures your Oil-fired Aga style cooker is working as efficiently as possible. Our service will give you added peace of mind and makes financial sense, as it helps to avoid any large bills that can arise from a broken oil boiler or cooker.

Although with a reputation for being both reliable and consistent in performance, your Aga cooker still needs some essential yearly maintenance to ensure you get the maximum performance and benefit for you and your family. To get the best results out of your Oil-fired Aga cooker it is recommended that you book in to have it serviced every 6 to 12 months. This allows us to replace worn or tired parts and check for any signs that would indicate your Aga cooker not be working to its full potential. 

By choosing Rix Heating Services for your Oil fired Aga cooker service you get complete peace of mind that not only will you have an efficient, professional service but it will be carried out by a fully qualified OFTEC registered engineer. Available in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and East Coast of Scotland.

Please contact our helpful experts here at Rix if you’d like to ask us anything about our Aga cooking servicing.

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Why you should service your Aga Cooker?

Regularly servicing your oil-fired cooker is more important than you might think. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Keeps your home safe
  • Maintains system performance
  • Makes your heating oil go further
  • Aga recommends servicing every six months
  • Avoids costly repairs
  • OFTEC qualfied engineers
  • Gives you peace of mind

*Only available in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and East Coast of Scotland.


Aga Cooker Service From £88 + VAT


An Oil-Fired Aga Cooker Service from Rix includes:

  • Internal clean of burner and flue-ways
  • Inspection of the controls and components
  • Inspection of tank and visible supply line
  • Inspection of fire-valves and filters
  • Replacement of burner wick
  • Check for clean combustion
  • Post service clean

Take Care of Your Aga Cooker

Servicing your Aga cooker at six monthly intervals will help your appliance perform better and use less fuel, it will also reduce the risk of a system breakdown which can be costly to repair. Range style cookers are substantial investments and it is important that you look after them.

Aga style range cooker in rural home

Ensure Your Oil-Fired Cooker is Safe

Carbon monoxide is usually associated with gas appliances, but oil-fired cookers can also produce it if not properly installed or maintained. This dangerous gas is emitted when fuel is not burned completely, it is poisonous to humans and impossible to detect without proper equipment as it has no smell or taste. Our OFTEC qualified technicians will ensure your oil-fired cooker safe to use when they perform the service. For peace of mind, carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased from our technicians during their visit.

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Aga cooker technicians from rix are OFTEC qualified

OFTEC Qualified Engineers

All our technicians are OFTEC registered giving you that added peace of mind that the heating engineer servicing your beloved Aga cooker is qualified and competently skilled. You can rest assured that our engineers will do a thorough and professional job when working on your cooker, all aspects of the heating system will be checked and maintained in accordance with industry and manufacturers’ approved standards. Using an OFTEC registered engineer for the servicing of your oil-fired cooker is the best way to ensure that your system will run efficiently and safely following their visit.

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Rix heating services technician servicing an aga cooker

Improve Fuel Economy

Most Aga cookers run constantly which can make them quite expensive to operate as they’re always burning fuel. Therefore, it’s really important that the cooker is burning fuel economically. This can be achieved by keeping the burner and internal flue-ways clean and free from carbon deposits. A clean heating system will allow for a better burn which means your heating oil will go further, saving you money on your heating bill. To help keep your system clean in between services we recommend using our Aga Cooker Fuel, specially formulated for oil-fired cookers.

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Rix heating services engineer

Dedicated Workforce

Our Heating Services team is made up of highly skilled OFTEC registered engineers, supported by a pre and post sales team who are on hand to provide technical support and product care information. All members of our experienced team pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service, which is unrivalled in our industry.

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For the third year running, Rix Petroleum are proud to have received the title of 'Gold Trusted Service Supplier' from Feefo. At Rix, we believe in transparency, which is why we proudly display our independent customer reviews from Feefo on our website. Read more of our reviews to see the excellent customer service we provide our customers with all year round.