Gazanias - with their dramatic yellow and orange colours – are resilient and flower over a long period, meaning they can bring colour to the garden in the autumn while other flowers are fading.


You can plant Gazanias directly into the ground from seed as soon as the risk of frost has passed, or if you want them to flower earlier start off by propagating indoors. However, you are likely to find plenty of established plants on sale at the garden centre over the summer which you can plant straight out for instant colour in your borders. Although they are incredibly hardy and will tolerate poor soil, a light covering of compost and a good watering in a well-drained soil will ensure you get the best from them. A sunny spot will also ensure the flowers don’t close up as they tend to in the shade.


Gazanias will survive quite happily without any maintenance and grow to about 10 inches wide and high. They are very drought resistant, but water regularly to get the best displays. Dead heading will promote continuous flowering, and to ensure their regrowth the next year you should prune away old foliage and re-fertilise the soil.

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