Incredibly popular in the British garden and available in hundreds of varieties, the colourful Clematis is one of the most versatile and easy plants you can grow. It looks lovely climbing over an archway, against a wall or even at the base of a tree. Also – with the many different varieties you can get them to flower at almost any time of the year.


The Clematis should ideally be planted in the spring or autumn. You can plant in the summer but you will need to take extra care to water them thoroughly. They thrive in full sun or partial shade and moist but well-drained, fertile soil. Picking a spot where the base is shaded is important to keep the roots cool. If you can’t achieve this amongst other plants, just mulch around the base. Generally, the root balls should about 5cm below the surface but this differs across different varieties so make sure you check the individual instructions.


The most important maintenance task with the Clematis is lots of watering. They need a full soaking at least once a week through the summer, especially while they are still being established. To get the best flowers, feed in April with a slow release fertiliser and mulch with manure or compost. Pruning requirements vary massively depending on the variety so check the individual instructions – some just need tidying whilst others need heavy pruning.

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