The Delphinium is a classic summer flower. It is usually a blue, purple or cream colour and thrives in the July sunshine. Their tall flower spikes are best planted towards the back of a border, and have the most dramatic effect when placed in groups of different colours and varieties.


The delphinium needs full sun, and is happy in any type of well-drained, fertile soil. Their height means they need to be sheltered from strong winds. They are best planted around May as a potted plant bought from the garden centre as growing from seed is difficult and should only be attempted by experts. Mix some compost into the soil; dig a hole twice the diameter of the root and plant with the root ball level with soil.


Delphiniums can grow quite quickly up to 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide, reaching full height within 2 years. Make sure to stake them well once they reach a height of 12 inches. The flowering season is quite short, but by cutting down the blooms as soon as they are finished you may encourage second growth. Prune the growth back to ground level after the plant has wilted in the autumn.

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