Look after your oil tank with a health check from Rix

No matter what your age, September always brings the memories of starting a new school year and the end of summer bringing with it winter coats and darker nights.

September is also the month that we start thinking of turning the heating back on, which might mean an order of heating oil. Before you receive your delivery we would recommend checking your heating oil tank is in good condition.


Do I need to have a tank service?

You may be aware of all the reasons to get your boiler serviced but it is recommended you make sure your Tank is serviced as well by an OFTEC qualified engineer every 12 months. A Rix engineer can complete these services at the same time ensuring your whole heating system is ready to work at full capacity for the cold night ahead.

Our Yorkshire and Scotland depots have Heating Service divisions of their businesses; you can find out more or book a service here.


Already had your service? There are a couple of checks you can do to prepare for that winter frost.


How to check your oil tank?

The easiest way to check is just to take 5 minutes and walk round your tank and look at it. Look for any wear and tear, bulging, leaks or rusting that may cause issues. Make sure you keep the area around your tank clear of any mud and fallen leaves as this could disguise any damage or cracks in your tank, as well as keeping it safe for you whilst you’re near your tank.


Is your fuel secure?

The dark nights bring an increase in oil thefts with more coverage to steal and a higher chance of a full tank. Check your security is still working and no parts need replacing. Find out more about how to keep your tank secure. 

Is it time to top up your tank?

Whilst your checking the condition of your tank, make sure you remember to check your oil levels. Getting an order in now could help you beat the price increase that usually happens in winter as demand increases, meaning no worrying that you’re going to run out and end up paying emergency delivery costs.

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