During May, as the weather gets warmer it can be tempting to switch of your heating system and forget about it. This is the ideal time to get your boiler serviced rather than dealing with a breakdown during the cold, snowy months.   Getting your boiler serviced will bring a host of benefits;

Ensure its safe

The top reason to ensure you have your boiler serviced annually is for you and your families’ safety. Keeping up to date with having your heating system checked means any damage or wear to the equipment can be spotted and fixed before it can potentially become worse and result in leaks and spillages.


Reduce your energy bill

Having a service on your boiler gives your heating system a clean removing any soot and particulates that settle through the heavy use period of winter. These unwanted particles slow down the efficiency in which your system burns fuels, meaning missing a boiler service may result in you using up your oil quicker.


Save money on repairs

Servicing your boiler means any worn or damaged parts can be detected and replaced early. This reduces the chance of a breakdown resulting in expensive emergency call outs, and it will prevent those breakdowns causing further damage to other parts of your heating system.


Ensure your insurance is valid

Having insurance on your heating boiler is a great benefit, taking away the financial worry if something goes wrong. However, in many cases the insurance is not valid if you do not keep up to date with your annual boiler services. Booking a service now can save you hundreds in the long run.


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