Don't forget about your annual Aga cooker service

Why have an oil-fired cooker service?

Oil-fired Aga and range cookers have a great reputation, having long lives and reliable consistent performance. This doesn’t mean they are immune to breakdowns or damage. It is recommended you service your oil-fired cooker every 6-12 months to keep it performing to its full potential and replace any tired parts.

Protect your home

As with anything involved in burning fuel it is important to service them regularly to keep your home safe, finding and replacing worn out parts early can prevent hazardous Carbon Monoxide leaks.

Save money

Your cooker will perform better as it keeps the flue-ways clean and free from built up deposits. This allows your Aga cooker to burn the fuel more effectively, as most cookers run constantly this will result in your fuel going further saving you money on your fuel bill!

Avoid a breakdown

An engineer will be able to spot any issues or worn parts. Missing a service gives these issues a chance to develop, potentially resulting in a breakdown and further damage to other parts of your oil-fired cooker. A breakdown would result in call out fees, expensive replacement parts and an out of service cooker for that Sunday dinner.


What is an Aga cooker service?

An oil-fired Aga cooker service is made up of a number of parts. Firstly, a Rix engineer will conduct a number of inspections checking the

  • Controls and components
  • Tank
  • Visible supply line
  • The fire valves
  • Filters

They will look for any signs of damage or wear and anything that is of concern, they will explain everything they see and offer any advice you need based on their examination.

Then our engineers will conduct an internal clean of the burner and flue-ways, they will check that it is producing a clean combustion (ensuring no signs of carbon monoxide).

Finally, they will replace the burner wick and conduct a post service clean leaving you with an oil-fired Aga cooker raring to go!

To book an oil-fired cooker service or find out more contact our heating service team on 01482 222250

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