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At Rix, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service. Read our Independent customer reviews for Heating Oil and Fuel deliveries. All of our reviews are from genuine Rix customers.

Date Rating Product Customer Comment
11-04-2019 Kerosene "Good, prompt delivery, thank-you."
11-04-2019 Kerosene "Ordered oil, got oil within specified time period."
10-04-2019 Kerosene "Good service and very nice and polite delivery man."
08-04-2019 Kerosene "Good service and prompt delivery. Price was also competitive. My one concern is that, having placed an order, I received an email suggesting I should request a re- quote as the price may have moved. To me this indicated that I needed to reorder and I ended up ordering twice. This was quickly sorted but I suggest that with the re-quote email you say that there is no need to request a further quote if you have already placed an order"
07-04-2019 Kerosene "Great service"
05-04-2019 K+ "no notification of delivery date or time, I had to go and meet delivery at 18.00 because driver would not listen to my instructions and was frankly rude, left a bottle of K9 on my driveway"
04-04-2019 Kerosene "Quick and friendly service"
03-04-2019 K+ "Fast & efficiently order made on web, delivery was made earlier much appreciated, driver was very helpful. Well done!"
03-04-2019 Kerosene "All is fine."
03-04-2019 Kerosene "Feedback regarding "urgent" fill was not good but driver was excellent!"
02-04-2019 Kerosene "Very quick and easy to order. Despite a narrow and difficult road and driveway the driver delivered without complaint. My only moan is that it is difficult to estimate how much to order to fill it up. It would be nice to say something like "Approx 700L, fill it up and charge it to my credit card". If you over order I gather you can get a credit for any oil that can't be delivered but this seems a bit of a hassle!"
01-04-2019 Kerosene "Great service"
31-03-2019 Kerosene "ordered on line with delivery made within days. well inside the time span given. excelent sevice, will use again."
30-03-2019 Kerosene "Missed delivery as didn't call beforehand. Then turned up and delivered a smaller order to next door."
30-03-2019 Kerosene "Excellent - easy and hassle free ordering and super- prompt delivery."
27-03-2019 K+ "Ordered lunchtime the day before on standard delivery, delivered less than 24 hours later. Left a mobile number for delivery instructions and directed the driver from a London bound train."
24-03-2019 Kerosene "Very efficient quick and a good price ."
22-03-2019 K+ "Very professional, the delivery driver was really friendly and helpful. Also my oil came earlier than I expected which was a bonus!"
19-03-2019 Kerosene "Completely satisfied. Standard delivery was within advertised dates just took a week longer to arrive than previous orders."
16-03-2019 Kerosene "Easy to use web based application. Delivered within allotted timescale. Electronic meter and ticket through door. Seamless"

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For the third year running, Rix Petroleum are proud to have received the title of 'Gold Trusted Service Supplier' from Feefo. At Rix, we believe in transparency, which is why we proudly display our independent customer reviews from Feefo on our website. Read more of our reviews to see the excellent customer service we provide our customers with all year round.