Community Oil Buying Groups

A Rix Guide to Community Oil Buying groups - Are they suitable for everyone?

Community Oil Buying Group Village
Whilst Rix support community oil buying groups where possible we do recognise that there are both pros and cons to the schemes. If the buying group is able to group orders together for houses in the same village and for delivery on the same day then there are savings that can be achieved which can help everyone. Buying groups that help those who need it the most, such as those families on lower or fixed incomes who can usually only afford to buy heating oil in 500 litres at a time are a good idea, as the delivery costs for a small order such as this are much the same as those of a bigger order.

We have put together a brief guide to Community Oil buying groups which aims to look at both the advantages and disadvantages of them. The guide also includes a statement from the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers.

To view the "Rix Guide to Community Oil Buying Groups", simply click here or on the icon below.

Oil buying group guide