Honeywell Single Zone Connected Thermostat

The Honeywell Single Zone connected Thermostat is one of the simplest and most affordable upgrades on the Market that puts you in control of your heating in your smart home.


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Wireless control

With no wires connecting your  boiler and your thermostat, you can place it anywhere in your home, and easily move it around with no rewiring should you wish to.

Access anywhere at anytime

Want to manage your heating when you’re on the move? Simple. Just link your thermostat to a Honeywell remote gateway and you can control your home heating with the Honeywell app - wherever you are. Available on Android and iOS.

Easy to use

Just turn the simple dial control clockwise to turn your heating up, and anti-clockwise to turn it down again. The dial has a real quality feel to it and its clean, modern design fits in with any style of home décor. 

Get Connected

Stay ahead of the British weather. Whether at home, at work or on the road, keep control over your home heating and make changes as and when you choose.

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