Q8 Holbein NWG 46



Q8 Holbein NWG 46 is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable hydraulic Oil. Q8 Holbein NWG 46 is a hydraulic fluid used in environmental sensitive area’s for which biodegradable fluids and or Oils are recommended which do not endanger aquatic life (Not Water Threatening, NWG). Q8 Holbein is especially suitable for the agricultural industry and for ground and water installations.

•  ISO 11158 category HV (except oxidation stability D 943)
•  DIN 51524, Part 3 category HVLP (except oxidation stability D 943)
•  Draft DIN specification for HEES type fluids
•  ISO 15380, HEES type
•  SS 155434 (Swedish Standard), category BV Environmentally acceptable
•  Nicht Wasser Gefährdend (Water hazard class: Not dangerous to aquatic species)
•  Bosch Rexroth (HEES type)

Benefits of Q8 Holbein NWG 46
-  Mineral oil free special additives
-  Wide application temperature range due to low pour point and high viscosity index
-  Compatible with mineral and rapeseed oils
-  Extended drain intervals due to high oxidation stability

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