7500FS Bunded Fuel Station



Product Specification for the Harlequin 7,500 litre Fuel Station (7500FS)

Height 3020mm
Width 2305mm
Length 2550mm
Nominal Capacity 7683 Ltrs
Brimful Capacity 8088 Ltrs
Weight 550 kg

ERA Ratings: ERA allows you to quickly and easily compare the relative risk of an environmental pollution incident originating from different types and different designs of fuel tanks and oil tanks. For more information, visit www.eraratings.org.uk

Product Summary:

Standard Equipment on the Harlequin 7,500 litre Fuel Station (7500FS)

  • 240v 56lp/m Pump
  • 6m hose
  • Nozzle with auto shut off
  • 10 Micron particulate filter
  • Off-set fill point
  • Bund warning monitor
  • Optional 72lp/m pump on 240v only
  • 110v AC, 240v AC, 12DC available

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