10,000 Advance Bunded Tank



10000ENV Top Outlet Advance Bunded Tank
10000BND Bottom Outlet Advance Bunded Tank

Length 3265mm 
Width 2800mm
Height 3350mm
Weight 725kg
Actual Capacity 10100 litres
Nominal Capacity 9595 litres

ERA Ratings: ERA allows you to quickly and easily compare the relative risk of an environmental pollution incident originating from different types and different designs of fuel tanks and oil tanks. For more information, visit www.eraratings.org.uk.

This tank is rated as: Low Risk Level 1 & 2

Product Summary

  • Offset 2" Fill Point with Screw Cap, Lever Type Isolation Valve and Non Return Valve
  • 4” Lockable Inspection Aperture with Plastic Screw Cap
  • 2” Vent
  • Lockable Manhole Access
  • Lockable Cabinet Access
  • Oil Tank Bund Warning Alarm
  • LRC Failsafe Overfill Prevention Capability
  • 1” BSP Bottom Outlet - BND Bottom Outlet Bunded Oil Tanks only

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