MSDS Downloads

Below you will find MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for various fuel products we supply. On the downloadable PDFs, you will find the safety information about the products and first aid guides for a variety of possible scenarios, covering exposure to eyes, skin, inhalation, ingestion and firefighting measures.

In an emergency, please call the emergency services.

However, should you simply want to discuss Rix’s MSDS resource, please get in touch with us.

Please use the MSDSs below to stay informed, keeping yourselves and others safe.

Rix Auto Diesel Derv

MSDS unleaded gasoline with ethanol

Premium Paraffin

Rix Kerosene

Rix Residual Fuel Oil

Rix Gas Oil

Spec Sheet - 0 1% Sulphur Gas Oil

Spec Sheet - Gas Oil Class A2

Spec Sheet - Regular Kerosene

Spec Sheet - Sulphur Free AutoDiesel

Spec Sheet - Sulphur Free Unleaded Petrol

Spec Sheet - Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil (ULSG)

Rix Alto S-S Engine Oil 10W/40

Rix Alto SYN-FD Engine Oil 5W/30

Rix Alto SYN-V Engine Oil 5W/30

Rix Alto PD 505.01 Engine Oil 5W/40

Rix Alto SYN-G Engine Oil 5W/30

Rix Super Heat 35

Rix Gas Oil Plus