Customer Complaints Procedure

Rix Petroleum’s customer complaints procedure is outlined below

We're sorry you're not happy with the service you have received from us. We want to understand what you feel we have done wrong, and how we can help put it right.

  • Have we done something wrong?
  • Do you feel we haven't delivered when we said we would?
  • Have we not met your expectations?
  • Do you have a serious complaint about Rix?

If any of the above apply to you, then you have come to the right place for advice about how to make a complaint to Rix Petroleum.

Please click here to view our "Customer Complaints Procedure" document where you will be able to find out how to make a complaint and how your complaint will be dealt with.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our response to your complaint, you can refer your complaint to utilitiesADR, a division of The Retail Ombudsman, who is authorised by the Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution service for consumer disputes (competent authorities and information) regulations 2015, to provide an independent review of complaints and dispute resolution services. 
FPS Retail Ombudsman logo

You will need to refer your complaint to Utilities ADR within 12 months after our final response. utilitiesADR can be contacted as follows:

12-14 Walker Avenue
Stratford Office Village
Wolverton Mill
Milton Keynes
MK12 5TW

T: 0203 598 7390
W: or

Thank you,


The Rix Petroleum Customer Service Team.