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Avoid a nasty surprise with specialist oil boiler insurance
cover, available from Boilerplus.

Boilerplus insurance

Oil boilers and central heating systems are not usually covered under a home insurance policy, so any breakdown may come as a nasty surprise.

Boilerplus offers specialist breakdown cover for oil boilers. When your oil boiler fails it often does at the most inconvenient time and the cost of repair can often be expensive and difficult to afford at short notice. The Boilerplus policy was written with oil-fired boilers in mind and not gas-fired units.
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What does Boilerplus cover?

  • Any conventional, combination or condensing oil-fired boilers under 200,000 BTU/hr. The cost of repairing or replacing any failed components within the boiler, up to a total of £1,500 (including VAT) per policy year.
  • A contribution of up to £750 (including VAT) towards the water jacket during the first 10 years of your boiler’s life if the part fails and can’t be replaced.
  • The standard cover includes water circulating pump (or warm air fans), motorised valve, time clock/ programmer, and fire safety valve, as well as the addition of an inhibitor up to a maximum of £20 per claim.
  • The optional system cover includes all conventional radiators, radiator valves, individual room thermostats, the expansion tank and plastic oil tank (not contents).
  • Boilers up to 20 years old are accepted at policy inception, and there’s no boiler age limit once cover is in place so you can renew year on year without worry.

Please note: Boilerplus Oil Boiler Insurance does not include the cost of servicing, which is your own responsibility leaving you free to choose who you want to service your central heating system (something we recommend you do once a year). Rix Heating Services does offer Oil Boiler Servicing throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

Conventional Oil Boiler
Combi/Condesing Oil Boiler
Cover options* (Oil)
Oil boiler and controls
£132.36 per year
£157.94 per year
Oil boiler, controls and heating system
£169.32 per year.
£194.92 per year
*Prices include Insurance Premium Tax at 12% and an administration fee of 12%

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"Our recent update carried out by Rix Heating Services technicians was superb. They treated our home with respect in every way. They were hard-working and meticulous in every aspect of the jobs they did. Very neat and tidy and a  credit to Rix."
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