Aga Cooker Servicing

Aga cooker servicing from Rix Heating Services is a professional service that ensures your Aga style cooker is working as efficiently as possible. Our service will give you added peace of mind and makes financial sense, as it helps to avoid any large bills that can arise from a broken oil boiler or cooker.

 At Rix, we care and want all our customers to get the most out of their Aga cooker and heating oil.

Although with a reputation for being both reliable and consistent in performance, your Aga cooker still needs some essential yearly maintenance to ensure you get the maximum performance and benefit for you and your family.

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Why you should service your Aga Cooker

For you to get the best results out of your Aga cooker it is recommended that you book in for annual servicing. This allows us to replace worn or tired parts and check for any signs that would indicate your Aga cooker to not be working to its full potential. It always helps to reduce the chance of a full-scale, costly breakdown.

What we offer

By choosing Rix Heating Services for your Oil fired Aga cooker service you get complete peace of mind that not only will you have an efficient, professional service but it will be carried out by a fully qualified OFTEC registered engineer. Available in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and East Coast of Scotland.

You also get the added bonus of knowing our friendly, after hours team are only a phone call away should anything happen to your Aga cooker and you need an emergency breakdown repair.

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Please contact our helpful experts here at Rix if you’d like to ask us anything about our Aga cooking servicing.

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OFTEC is recognised by Governments, manufacturers, distributors and consumers for promoting excellence within the oil-firing industry through its training, assessments and registration of technicians under the competent persons scheme.