Which oil tank do I need?

The average customer uses around 1,400 litres of heating oil per year, while the minimum order for heating oil is 500 litres. Most domestic tanks have a capacity of 1,000 to 2,500 litres.

There are different types of heating oil tanks available: single-skin, double-skin and integrally bunded.

  • Single-skinned tanks offer only one layer of protection against an oil leak. For this reason, they are usually installed in a secondary containment system: a reinforced concrete or masonry bund.
  • Double-skinned tanks, aka twin-walled tanks, have two layers to help protect against an oil leak. It is recommended that these are also installed in a secondary containment system.
  • Integrally bunded tanks offer the best protection against an oil leak, as the attached bund can hold 110% of the inner tank’s capacity as well as the fittings.
  • Underground tanks require professional construction, and may require planning permission.

Oil tanks are made from plastic or steel. Plastic tanks require less maintenance, and are less vulnerable to failure. However, thieves can drill into plastic tanks to siphon off oil, so steel tanks are more secure.