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Advantages of Fuel Cards

Fuel cards from our sister company Fuelmate offer a variety of advantages for business users compared to other forms of payment:

Improved Cash Flow

Making regular, scheduled payments with a fuel card package means you have greater control over your cash flow than paying by cash or credit card. Periods of interest free credit means less of your capital is tied up in your fleet’s fuel.

Monitor Fuel Use Within Your Business

Fuel cards allow you to collect detailed data about your fleet’s fuel usage. Fuelmate can provide this information in a series of reports that make managing the fuel efficiency of your business simple.

No Need For Cash

Fuel cards are a cashless payment method and, as such, are more secure for both your drivers and your business.

Fuel Card Use Can Be Controlled

Most Fuelmate fuel cards give you the option to specific exactly what can and cannot be bought with them. This includes both fuel type; petrol or diesel, through to shop-based items such as newspapers and drinks.

Reduced Administration

Adopting a fuel card can drastically reduce time spent on administrative tasks because instead of having to collect receipts, sort expense forms, or chase employees for business mileage, Fuelmate send you a single, itemised and VAT approved invoice.

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