Take advantage of summer heating oil prices

Understanding heating oil prices and how to get the best rates can sometimes seem as confusing as rocket science! Checking the prices from one week to the next can result in a different outcome and a change in price.

With over 80 years in the industry we know a thing or two about how oil prices work and what can cause changes, here are a few tips to help you unlock the secret to getting great prices and managing your heating all year round.


When is the best time to buy heating oil?

Generally, you will get lower heating oil prices in summer when the demand is much lower. Most people will switch their heating off through the hotter months, or use it at lower temperatures for shorter amounts of time, resulting in less orders. This means it is a great chance to top your tank back up. Plus, if you’re not in a big rush take advantage of our longer and cheaper delivery options.

When it comes to winter, the heating oil prices are traditionally higher as the demand increases as everyone starts using their heating more.

This increase usually hits its peak in December as people rush to ensure they have heating over the Christmas period when people are at home and have extra house guests. 

You can offset this winter rush by getting your heating oil during the Autumn months beating that December panic.


Keeping your tank topped up

One way to get savvy with your heating oil is to keep your oil tank regularly topped up. By eliminating the rush to buy you can place your orders when the price drops and don’t have to panic purchase.

Regularly checking your tanks oil levels throughout the year will make it easy for you to know when you need to order and how much to beat those prices.


Try to avoid emergency deliveries

Forgetting to check your tank and realising that you’re out of oil means that you may have to rely on an emergency delivery. An emergency heating oil delivery will be more expensive than a regular delivery. If you place an order for an emergency delivery, the supplier must try to fit your order in which may not be economical to do. Save money on your heating oil quote by being prepared and avoiding emergency deliveries!


Bulk heating oil orders may lower the price

Large orders of heating oil usually work out cheaper at certain times of the year, however you may be restricted by the size of your oil tank.

It might be worth setting up or joining an oil buying group. In areas were lots of homes are running on heating oil they can purchase oil together to be delivered on one day. This creates a large bulk order and can push down the price with our Trucks only going to that area once.

Buying groups don’t work for everyonefind out more about the pros and cons of joining a community buying group.


How do I check the heating oil price?

At Rix we want to make life easy for our customers. You can keep an eye on heating oil prices yourself quickly and easily by using our Instant quote tool (link to quote tool). Just pop in your postcode and email and within seconds you can compare prices and delivery options. You can check this as often as you want to keep an eye on the best time to buy. Soon you will be a heating oil expert too!

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