1. What if I lose my fuel card?

It is essential that any loss or theft of your fuel card is reported to us immediately. You can notify us via phone, email or fax. You will also be required to report the incident to the police who will provide you with a loss/crime reference. Once we have received your instruction we will place the card on stop and notify you of this action.

2. Can I access and manage my account online?

If you sign up with our online account management service you can access your account by going onto our website www.fuelmate.co.uk and clicking on 'My Account

3. What are the benefits of Online Account Management?

Online Account Management allows you to manage your fuel card account anytime, anywhere by using the internet. It’s a totally free service from Fuelmate which allows you to order more cards, de-activate cards you already have and monitor your fuel card activity 24/7. You can also request copy of invoices and download fleet management reports. These reports can be exported to Excel and incorporated into your own reporting system.

4. How long does it take before I receive my fuel cards?

We aim to get back to you within 21 working days with your fuelcard. This can vary however, depending on the ease of the application process, if fuel cards are to be personalised and delivery times.

5. When do I pay for my fuel?

Our standard terms for payment are by Direct Debit 21 days from each invoice. Invoices are generated each Tuesday. Credit terms provided are subject to status.

6. I would also like a personal fuelcard, how do I apply?

Fuel cards are not available for personal use. Fuel cards can only be issued to businesses.

7. How do I order additional fuel cards?

You can order additional fuel cards through our online account management system or by calling 0800 1583 582 and speaking to a member of our team.

8. What is a 'multi branded' fuel card?

A multi branded fuel card gives you access to more than one 'brand' name of station. Examples of this are the Keyfuels and UK Fuels fuel  cards.

9. How can fuel cards help my business?

Improving cash flow. Allowing you to monitor what fuel is being bought, where it is bought from and when it was purchased. Eliminating the need to carry cash. Allowing you to set purchase options and limits for fuel card usage. Reduced administration time.

10. I require a cost centre setup for my account, is this possible?

We have numerous customers that operate multi centre/depot businesses and we are more than happy to tailor your fuel card service to suit your business. Please call our sales team on 0800 158 3582 to discuss the options available.

11. I need mileage to be captured with each transaction, how would this work?

Mileage is provided to the cashier at point of sale and will be printed on your weekly invoice alongside each transaction. This is a hugely useful tool for fleet management and control. Should you choose to use this facility then it is recommended that all drivers are made aware to ensure accurate data is input into the system at all times.

12. I would prefer to speak with a person about my fuel card options, is this possible?

We have a dedicated sales team that will be happy to talk you through the options available and provide you with recommendations. Telephone – 0800 158 3582

13. Is there a minimum spend to qualify for a fuel card?

Fuel cards provide benefit for accounts spending a minimum of £350 a month on fuel. To qualify for a Texaco FastFuel card a minimum monthly spend must be £1000.

14. What's the benefit of fuelcards over other forms of payment if I only spend a small amount on fuel?

There are great benefits of using a fuel card versus other forms of payment, such as a credit card or cash. Fuel cards give you an itemised report showing all your transactions, enabling you to claim back VAT on fuel purchases. Fuel cards also limit usage at certain sites, allowing you to control your refuelling to pre-selected network of sites.

15. What fuel cards do you supply?

Fuelmate offers a range of fuel cards including BP PLUS, BP PLUS Bunker, Shell's fuel card - the euroShell CRT fuel card, Texaco's fuel card - the FastFuel card, Total's fuel card - the TOTALCard, UK Fuels and Keyfuels.