K+ Fuel

K+ Heating Oil

K+ heating oil is a premium heating oil from Rix Petroleum that helps to keep your oil-fired boiler clean, increasing the reliability, performance, efficiency and lifespan of your heating system.

Cleaner oil is better. And here's why:

  • + Better for your boiler
  • + Better for your wallet
  • + Better for the environment
  • + Reduces fuel related problems
  • + Inhibits system corrosion
  • + Helps reduce sludge formation

K+ premium heating oil combines a number of active ingredients to help tackle problems such as excessive carbon residue and sludge build-up to give your oil boiler a better burn. Developed by Fuel Additive Science Technologies Limited*, this new heating oil fuel will will help to lower your energy costs by maintaining boiler efficiency and improving performance.

The benefits of using K+ include:

You can mix K+ premium heating oil with any existing kerosene in your tank as they are completely compatible. Our experts here at Rix Petroleum have also put together an energy saving guide if you want to save even more. These tips work with K+ or any other heating oil product.


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*K+ is a fuel additive (XO1512HO) produced by Fuel Additive Science Technologies Limited. Please get in touch to talk to a professional about K+ or click here to find out more.