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How Forward Purchase works...


With Forward Purchase, you can avoid fluctuating fuel prices by securing your fuel requirements at today’s price then paying for it when it suits your business’s cash flow.


Fuel prices are notoriously volatile. By purchasing in bulk in advance, you can eliminate any price risk and secure it at a fixed amount - which can, in turn, help to maximise your profits.


It’s really quite simple! You secure an amount of fuel over an agreed period of time at a fixed price, you can then draw from that supply as and when you like.

Payment plans are built to suit your individual needs. If you want to secure the best possible price, you may want to pay upfront. However, if managing cash flow is more important, we can arrange a payment schedule to coincide with your revenue streams.

Forward purchase starts from 5,000 litres or more with various delivery options available.

Speak to your local depot to find out what is available in your area.

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Dedicated account management
Improve cash flow
Bespoke payment terms
Buy back scheme
Reduce risk

More than just a fuel supplier...

Build A Plan To Suit Your Needs

No two businesses are the same. We can tailor a package that meets the individual needs of your business. Think of it as a blank piece of paper, what the package looks like is entirely up to you. Your business, your forward purchase plan.

Manage Cash Flow & Reduce Risk
By purchasing in bulk and storing at our secure location, you can reap the financial benefits of bulk purchase without the normally associated risks. We take on all the responsibility, all you need to worry about is when you need your fuel.
Sell It Back If You Don't Need It
If you have excess fuel left at the end of the agreement, you can either store it with us, we can buy it back from you at the market value, or you can swap it for another one of our fuel products. Whatever you need, we can arrange.

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