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October 28, 2019

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November 12, 2018

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 December 21, 2011

Rix Petroleum invest to ensure our customers aren't left out in the cold!

Leading fuel company Rix Petroleum Ltd is gearing up to ensure customers won’t be left out in the cold this winter time. After the treacherous weather conditions of last year, the company has invested thousands of pounds to equip its fleet of tankers with winter tyres designed to offer maximum grip and safety in freezing temperatures. The tyres are made from a compound which has been specifically engineered to work at temperatures below seven degrees centigrade and have a special tread pattern to perform well in icy conditions. The move comes after forecasters predicted another harsh winter for the UK, as Rix wanted to ensure it was fully prepared to service all its customers over the winter period.

Rory Clarke, Managing Director of the company, said although standard tyres have basic winter capabilities, they were not as effective as the new ones.

He added that as well as the tyres, Rix had invested in new steel wheel rims so they could quickly swap over to the bad weather kit as and when it was required.

Rory said: “We are keen to ensure that we are fully prepared for the winter, no matter what it has to throw at us. We generally adhere to the ‘hope for the best but prepare for the worst’ philosophy in an effort to do our bit for our customers. Last year took everyone by surprise – the weather was unprecedented. We expect a bit of snow every year but we didn’t expect it to go on for weeks. Although during that time we didn’t miss an order, we feel this is an excellent move to help our customers and our drivers get through what could be another challenging winter.”

He added many European countries such as Austria and Germany already enforced the use of winter tyres on HGVs and the Scottish Government was currently considering the matter, but no such regulations existed in England and Wales.

“Although there is no legal requirement to fit the tyres,” he said, “we always like to make sure we are ahead of the game.”

Rory said that as well as the efforts of Rix, home owners who rely on heating oil for power can help themselves by ensuring they order early to avoid panic buying should the weather turn bad.

He said residents should also allow a couple of extra days for delivery in poor weather conditions as high demand, combined with slow moving traffic, makes getting out to more isolated parts of the country a challenge. By ordering early and keeping a close eye on how much oil they have left, people can really help themselves to ensure they don’t run low when they need it most. This is particularly important for more vulnerable groups such as the elderly, for whom being without power and heat is a very serious problem.”

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