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Winter. A time of coldness, darkness, hoarding and hibernation.

 April 04, 2013 The start of spring has certainly been tumultuous with the weather being colder, snowier and more extreme than winter rather than showing the usual season characteristics. With this heating oil prices have hit highs and lows in quick succession making it harder for homeowners to catch the market at the right time. […]

 February 01, 2013 A domestic heating oil boiler is in essence the heart of the home it is running in, providing the warmth and means to live comfortably. Even with this in mind it is sometimes overlooked or not appreciated just how important boiler maintenance is which significantly helps to maximise the capability and extend […]

 March 20, 2013 Because the price of heating oil has risen exponentially in the last couple of years, more and more homeowners in UK are looking for new innovative ways to save more money on their utility bills, especially during the winter. If you have paid hundreds of pounds last winter heating your home, it is time […]

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If there is one thing that divides people living in the countryside its development…

Most of us enjoy a bit of a ramble from time to time, some more than others

 February 02, 2013 Police are urging residents across the country to check the security of their heating oil tanks after a recent bout of thefts in rural areas. During the festive period reports were made from homes across the UK that significant amounts of heating oil had been stolen from outdoor tanks. Opportunistic thieves are making the […]