Heating oil tank at rural home
October 16, 2017

We’ve all noticed the unwelcome signs that mean winter is creeping upon us, darker mornings and longer nights, hats and gloves in the shops, and swapping your 5 tog duvet for a 20 tog. (OK last weeks weather was unseasonably warm, so the 5tog duvet may be OK for now).

The start of winter could also remind you that it’s time to check your Heating Oil tank to make sure it’s in tip top condition for the cold months ahead. Rix Petroleum is a leading heating oil supplier with excellent products, services and prices.

Have you had your tank serviced?

It is recommended that Heating Oil tanks and oil fired boilers are serviced by an OFTEC qualified engineer every 12 months. This will help to ensure your oil fired boiler and fuel tank are safe and running with maximum performance levels needed to keep the bitter nights at bay.

Our Yorkshire and Scotland depots have Heating Service divisions of their businesses; you can find out more or book a service here.

Check your tank for signs of wear and tear

Be sure to check your tank for signs of wear and tear that might have occurred during the height of summer or that might have been missed at the end of last winter. Look out for rusting, bulging, leaks or general damage.

Tidy around the tank

If the autumn leaves have already started dropping, you might want to keep an eye out for slippery footpaths around the tank. Not only could these be a danger to you whilst you’re checking the tank, but they could also camouflage any leaks or cracks on the base of your tank. Watch our short video on YouTube giving you our top tips. 

Is your fuel tank secure?

The majority of Heating Oil thefts take place during winter, when you’re more likely to have a full tank. Check that any locks are still working correctly and that any theft prevention measures you’ve set up are still keeping your tank safe; outside lights, cages or even plants used for disguise.

Is it time to top up your tank?

Historically, Heating Oil prices can be lower before the cold weather sets in, due to a drop in demand. We’d advice you to check your tank and if you have room, top it up before the temperatures plummet. Avoiding delays in your Heating Oil delivery, is also a good reason to top up early.

Is your home winter ready?

Making sure your home is ready for winter is also essential to prevent unnecessary heat loss and keeping your Heating Oil bills down. Check for and repair any gaps in windows or doors, bleed your radiators and check for any draughts.

You can read more about winter proofing your home in our blog.

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