Kerosene (Heating Oil)

If you need agricultural kerosene for your farm, Rix Petroleum is the perfect option. Many farmers buy their kerosene, road diesel and red diesel from Rix, and the company has strong roots in the farming industry.

Many of our staff come from farming backgrounds, which means our team understands the demands and needs of those working in the British farming industry.

When you combine the benefit of experience with the convenience and reliability of our eleven local depots spread over the country (e.g. North East, North Lincolnshire and Essex), Rix Petroleum looks like a fuel company built especially for farmers, despite the domestic and commercial sectors of our business.

With more than 80 years in the fuel industry, Rix Petroleum has grown as British farming has grown over the last century. This history has afforded us great respect and trust from the farming community. We understand that farming is a challenging industry and that every little saving results in bigger profits at the other side. This is why we ensure out prices are as competitive as possible. We’ve supported Britain’s farmers for a century and we’re keen to do so for another hundred years. You can read more about Rix’s history here.

Contact Rix today if you’d like to order kerosene for your farm, and our experts are available if you’d like discuss your farm’s fuel needs in more detail.