Turkey Club


Ultimate Turkey Club Sandwich

December’s recipe comes to us from the generous Karen over at Lavender & Lovage, who has used this month’s seasonal ingredient, Leftover Turkey, to great effect and created the Ultimate Turkey Club Sandwich

We’re sad to say that this will be the final month of the #Againspiredrecipe competition. It’s been a superb 12 months, and we’ve seen some gorgeous food, so to celebrate the best in Aga Inspired Food, we thought we’d bring you The Rix Aga Cookbook in the New Year - filled with the very best recipes submitted from bloggers around the UK. If you want to get involved or even find out a little more about the cookbook, feel free to get in contact with us at dave@rix-media.co.uk.


3 slices good quality thick bread

Turkey dripping or butter

Sliced cooked turkey

Slices of cold stuffing


Sausage (sliced)

Chilli cranberry sauce


Caramelised Onions


1. Toast the bread and butter it with the spread of your choice.

2. Spread two slices of the toast with some chilli-cranberry sauce and then lay some turkey one of the slices.

3. Place the stuffing, bacon, sausage, lettuce and caramelised onions on the other slices, and layer them up to make the three tiered sandwich – squeeze them together.

4. Enjoy!


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